Since 2009, Bleu Marie makes ceramic dishes and pieces for the house & garden.  Blue-colored, her pieces remind of her love for the ocean.

Bleu Marie's pottery making

Marie makes all her pieces from scratch using canadian clay.  Alone in her studio, she works everyday on dozens of pieces that have reached a step or another of their production process.

From designing to marketing, making a pottery piece takes about a month with drying, 2 firings, glaze making and clay recycling.

Care & Safety

Made of red stoneware and high fired, Bleu Marie's pieces are concieved for a daily use.  They are robust and food safe.  They are certified without lead and cadmium thus respecting the current canadian standard.

Bleu Marie's pieces are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.  You can also use them with indirect cooking on the BBQ!  Avoid thermal shocks.

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